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November 21, 2017

Introduction to Psychology
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hu·man·is·tic psy·chol·o·gy

an existential approach to psychology that emphasizes human uniqueness, subjectivity, and capacity for psychological growth.

humanistic psychology

a branch of psychology that emphasizes a person's struggle to develop and maintain an integrated, harmonious personality as the primary motivational force in human behavior. See also self-actualization. Alternative psychology
A philosophy of psychotherapy which is based on a belief in a person’s intrinsic potential for personal growth and development. Central to humanistic psychology is the posit that a person is subject to multiple negative genetic, familial, environmental and social factors, which can be altered by attaining a positive attitude. Humanistic psychology eschews the “medical sickness” model and embraces one of mental growth and emancipation; humanistic psychotherpies are distinguished from both Freudian psychoanalysis and behaviourism (championed by BF Skinner).

Humanistic Psychotherapies
• Client-oriented;
• Constructivist;
• Ericksonian;
• Ethno-cultural;
• Existential;
• Experiential/Focusing;
• Expressive arts;
• Family process;
• Feminist;
• Gestalt;
• Jungian/mythopoetic;
• Narrative;
• Primal integration;
• Psychodrama;
• Reichian/bioenergetics;
• Self-in-relation;
• Self-psychology;
• Transactional analysis;
• Transpersonal.

A school of psychology that views people as individuals responsible for, and in control of, their destinies and that emphasizes experience as the source of knowledge. It suggests that we can acquire insight into the inner life of another person by trying to see things from that person's own point of view.

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Humanistic Psychology
Humanistic Psychology
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